How to remove antivirus software from your computer

If you have an antivirus program already installed on your computer you must remove it before we can finish installing the Daily Safety Check antivirus/malware application (based on Bitdefender) on your computer.

Depending upon the vendor, this could be a simple task, however, some vendors such as McAffee and Symantec (Norton) require special software to be downloaded to successfully remove their programs.

Try this first for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers:

  1. Go to Start>Settings>Control Panel
  2. Once in the Control Panel double-click on "Add/Remove Programs"
  3. Look for the name of your current antivirus vendor. In many cases the vendor may have more than one application installed, you need to remove all of them.
  4. Follow the detailed instructions to complete the removal
  5. Rebooting your computer at least once is always required after removing an Ant-Virus program.

What to do if the uninstall "Fails"

If an the antivirus program does not successfully "uninstall" you will need to follow instructions provided by the specific vendor. This may include downloading a special program from their website.

To help you we have listed the directions for several of them here;

For Symantec Norton AntiVirus:
  1. Look for any items referencing either "Norton" or "Symantec" (example: "Norton AntiVirus 2003" or "Symantec Script Blocker" or "Symantec Live Update"); click on the item and the select Change/Remove or Add/Remove. Follow the instructions for removing the software.
  2. After you finish check to make sure that there are no more any "Norton" or "Symantec" references.
  3. (Optional) Remove the directories used by Norton: for example: c:\Program Files\Norton AntiVirus or c:\Program Files\Symantec etc.

Check Symantec website for more information on how to uninstall Norton AntiVirus:

For McAfee AntiVirus:
Information about uninstalling McAfee AntiVirus is available at their website:

For other antivirus programs please contact your vendor's technical support or website. If you have any questions or problems with uninstalling other antivirus software please contact us at