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Daily Safety Check
Next Generation Computer Defense

Daily Safety Check was originally created to protect high-risk banking systems, and today their technology protects over $3 billion in assets. The founders of Daily Safety Check realized that the same technologies and methods used to protect banks, which are constantly under attack, could be adapted to protect home and small business computers.  Any top quality security system has principles, whether guarding a high risk computer system, or protecting a building, or even bodyguards protecting the president: prevention, detection and response.

1. Prevention
  • External prevention: Most antivirus software focuses on external prevention of attacks. As you would expect from Daily Safety Check, we have partnered with the best antivirus software available on the market, fully integrated with our product.  At no extra cost to you.
  • Internal prevention: No system that looks exclusively at external threats is safe. The largest vulnerability in most home computer systems is out of date software.  Major programs like Adobe Acrobat, Flash, Microsoft Office and others, have regular security fixes that antivirus cannot fix and was not designed to protect.

2. Detection
  • Computer Forensics:   Even if an intruder steals a password or makes it past your defenses, Daily Safety Check still performs daily checks for telltale signs of an attack, such as changes to user accounts, security settings and hard drive usage.
3. Response
  • Awareness: You would never install a home security system without an alarm. Why should your computer be different? Millions of people have viruses on their computer right now and have no idea that their passwords, financial information and sensitive documents have been compromised.  Daily Safety Check provides real time monitoring, with email alerts so you know if someone is attacking your computer.
  • Remediation: Our team of computer security experts will alert you, and provide information that can help you restore your computer.