Why Do I Need Daily Safety Check?

The cyber world is more dangerous than it has ever been. In just the last year, there has been a staggering increase in the number and sophistication of cyber attacks on home computers. Is your antivirus software keeping you safe?

Top 4 myths of home computer security

Myth 1: If I have antivirus software installed, then I am safe

Reality: Antivirus is only a small part securing any computer.

  • 1/3 of computers that have up-to-date antivirus software installed have a virus right now, according to security firm SurfRight.
  • 4 out of 5 computers have at least one security vulnerability that has nothing to do with virus or malware protection
  • Other programs can let hackers in, such as Adobe Acrobat, Flash, Office, Java and many more
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Myth 2: I don't need to worry. I don't have anything but music, photos and videos on my computer

Reality: Hackers are increasingly focused on home computers.

  • Hackers increasingly use viruses to steal your identity. Modern malware can sit on your computer for months, building a profile of your identity, finances, passwords and sensitive documents.
  • The average identity theft victim takes 6 months and over 2,000 hours to recover his or her identity. 40% haven't recovered their identity after a full year! Source: Federal Trade Commission.
  • How much of your life is online or on your computer? People live their lives through the digital wold, with photos, videos, music and documents all at risk from a hacker attack.
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Myth 3:Cybercrime isn't any worse now than in the past

Reality: Cybercrime is up sharply in the last year, and getting worse

  • Fast Company called 2012 the Cybercrime "Hell Year" because of the large number of attacks so far
  • Cyber crime has experienced staggering growth in the number and sophistication of attacks
  • Corporate security has changed dramatically in the last few years to adapt to this threat, but antivirus software has not changed significantly in over 6 years
  • Because home computers are now the weak point, hackers are increasingly focused on compromising the computers of a company's employees and customers to access their systems.
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Myth 4: I would know if I had a virus on my computer

Reality: Most viruses and malware don't slow down or crash your computer.

  • Most people who have a virus or malware have no idea they have been compromised
  • Modern malware can sit on your computer for months, building a profile of your identity, finances, passwords and sensitive documents.
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