How It Works

Daily Safety Check gives you bank-strength security for your home computer. Just like a high-risk banking system, Daily Safety Check uses layers of security to ensure you are safe:

  1. Advanced protection - beyond antivirus
  2. Real time monitoring for intruders
  3. Alerts and help if you are attacked
Best of all, Daily Safety Check is easy to set up and use. Just install from the link in the welcome email, and we do almost everything. You will get a weekly email showing the status of every computer so you know you're protected.

1. Advanced Protection

State-of-the-Art Antivirus

DSC has partnered with Bitdefender Antivirus, the most advanced malware protection software on the market, to bring you complete computer security. Every computer protected by Daily Safety Check Home Edition automatically includes Bitdefender Antivirus! Bitdefender combines best-in-class protection against malware and viruses with excellent performance in minimizing false positives and low system overhead so you can have robust, reliable protection. Includes behavioral scanning to complement Active Protection and maximize effectiveness against hard-to-detect threats.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management means that we look for security "holes" in your computer and fix them.

  • Daily checks and updates the latest security patches on dozens of software programs, such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash, Sun Java, Microsoft Office and more.
  • Daily checks and updates security settings
  • Daily checks and updates firewall settings and integrity

2. Real-time Monitoring

Traditional antivirus software watches for specific virus threats. DSC actively watches your computer for signs of an attack, even if that threat isn't protected by antivirus software.

Viruses leave telltale signs of suspicious activity. DSC watches your computer 24 hours a day for threats, such as changes to:

  • Operating system
  • User accounts
  • Security settings
  • Hard drives.

3. Help if you are attacked

Email alerts

Daily Safety Check has security professionals standing by 24 hours a day to help defend your computer:

  • Real-time email alerts in case of an attack
  • Modern malware can watch your computer for months, building a profile of your passwords, finances, sensitive documents and identity
  • Many people never know that their computer has a virus. Never be caught unaware again

Real-time response from security professionals

Daily Safety Check has security professionals standing by 24 hours a day to help defend your computer:

  • Assess the threat to your computer
  • Provide computer forensics to understand what was compromised
  • Give you information on how to defend and restore your computer