The Online Computer Security Solution that Shattered the Online Banking Security Paradigm Last Year is Now Available for Consumers, Just in Time for Holiday Shopping

Last year Daily Safety Check broke the traditional online banking security paradigm by providing 24/7 anti-hacking protection and daily computer safety checks for personal and small business computers used to access Online Banking services, plugging the obvious hole in the Online Banking security strategy, the customer’s computer.

Banks have for years carefully managed the configuration of their networked computers to defend against malicious attackers or ‘hackers’. While generally effective, this strategy left one gaping hole – the risk presented by the personal computers of their customers used to connect to their online banking systems. This hole has led to an epidemic of online fraud, commonly referred to as “corporate account takeover, but in laymen’s terms, simple thievery that quickly adds up to hundred of thousands of dollars, all without the thief stepping into a bank. Before Daily Safety Check, banks simply wrote this off as something they couldn’t address.

"Before we teamed with Daily Safety Check to provide daily Risk Assessments of our high risk customer’s computers used to access our Online Banking Cash Management services we simply treated the threat of Zeus and Spypot as the cost of doing business. But we when we had several back-to-back losses that defeated not only our multi-factor authentication but our out-of-band texting service, we could no longer ignore the threat. Now we treat our customer’s as partners in security, and our customer’s no longer see our Online Banking as a ‘commodity,"   says a community bank in Missouri. "The safety of the customer’s computer is essential to the safety of our Cash Management, and only Daily Safety Check provides this service."

The online computer security solution that shattered the online banking security paradigm last year is now available for consumers.