Daily Safety Check Focuses on Consumer Market through Affiliate Program

Daily Safety Check, which provides next generation computer security, will shift its near-term marketing efforts from high risk banking computer systems to home personal computers.

Daily Safety Check, which provides next generation computer security, will focus its marketing and sales efforts on the personal computer market and expanding their affiliate program.  Since their founding in 2010, the company was focused on their Enterprise Edition, which provides security to banks and their customers. Daily Safety Check Enterprise Edition works by updating software vulnerabilities and actively monitoring for cyber attacks, alerting administrators of suspicious activity before sensitive information can be compromised.

In focusing on the consumer market, Daily Safety Check has partnered with Vipre Antivirus to integrate advanced malware protection into the Daily Safety Check Home Edition. By combining award-winning malware protection with Daily Safety Check's advanced features, such as vulnerability remediation, active monitoring and real-time hacker alerts, consumers now have access to the most complete computer protection available to the home computer user.

"In today's environment, simply having antivirus software installed is not enough to safeguard your financial information and sensitive documents," says James McKenney, founder and Chief Technology Officer of Daily Safety Check. "We find that before our software is installed, over 80% of computers have at least one security vulnerability.  We find these vulnerabilities even when antivirus software is installed and Windows auto-updating is turned on."

Daily Safety Check is expecting a significant portion of these leads to come through the affiliate program, which allows companies that refer customers can receive a percentage of revenue for that customer. "The affiliate program is an excellent way for companies to add revenue at the point of sale," according to Marco Stanich, Director of Business Development. "It's a real win, because customers feel like you're offering a more complete solution, and companies of all varieties can add revenue just by referring customers. Our sales staff has worked with banks, home security companies, and even media outlets to bring in extra revenue."

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