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Why Cyber Security Cannot be Ignored


To understand why cyber security is important, we must firstly understand what cyber security is. It isn’t restricted to just making sure your website is good enough to withstand cyber attacks. It encompasses all your supply chain, including your user experience of buying your service or product.

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The Targeted Organizations of Cyber Crime

In 2014, attackers targeted many organisations and servers to hack into the system to steal the data. User privacy has been exploited in numerous attacks that happened during the last one year. Many responsible authorities and chairpersons were fired during the process. Today we have listed eight such data breaches that costed someone their job!

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Multiple Community Banks Being Hit with Simple, but Effective Scams to Drain Accounts
In February, Daily Safety Check’s Security Operation Center’s Phishing and Botnet Threat Assessment revealed that a number of Midwest-based Financial Institutions were the target of a sudden rash of fake Wire Transfer requests. According to the data, Bank of the West, Commerce Bank, Huntington, Bank Midwest as well as the Online Banking Platforms Net Teller and FundsXpress were all specifically targeted.

Cyber Attacks from hacktivist groups becoming more potent. The second week of January showed a large spike in Denial of Service attacks designed to cripple or take out websites using armies of slave computers. The latest wave, driven by hacktivist group Anonymous, targeted the movie and recording industries, and even government offices like the FBI and Department of Justice. And the problem may be getting worse says Daily Safety Check™

Since the SpyEye malware licensing scheme was cracked back in May, the amount of malicious emails sent on the internet has dramatically increased. Many industry analysts believed that the 25 Billion malicious email attachments sent on a single day in August would be the highpoint of the year, unfortunately, for those of us with email and who like get deals on Cyber Monday, they were wrong, very wrong, notes online security provider, Daily Safety Check.