Daily Safety Check Company Press Releases

Last year Daily Safety Check broke the traditional online banking security paradigm by providing 24/7 anti-hacking protection and daily computer safety checks for personal and small business computers used to access Online Banking services, plugging the obvious hole in the Online Banking security strategy, the customer’s computer.

According to a new study of over 500 client computers by J&M Security, LLC, 23% of small business customers had no antivirus software installed, and 49% had virus definitions more than three days old, which is old enough for the newest viruses and worms to infect their computer and undermine their antivirus software. According to Jim McKenney, who conducted the study “All of these customers were processing financial transactions on unprotected computers. They thought their antivirus protection would keep them safe, but it can’t help if it’s not up-to-date.”

In a new investigative report from Daily Safety Check ™, the average time before ‘activation’ of malware before committing cyber crimes – such as bank transfers, fraud and information theft – is 8 months.

Microsoft RDP threat, as reported by ZDNET, shows that even computers with antivirus are vulnerable to attack.

Daily Safety Check, which provides next generation computer security, will shift its near-term marketing efforts from high risk banking computer systems to home personal computers.

Computer security firm Daily Safety Check will partner with Entercom Radio in Kansas City